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Now the problem is which one uses the FTDI chip?? Good luck finding out until you buy one. And one thing about goSerial, the source code is available. One day I may pick it up and add the missing terminal emulation stuff the simple stuff, not the hard ones… :.

Any ideas?

I borrowed a similar adaptor from a friend I will buy one soon and found the open driver on the and that works fine. But screen works. The driver has worked fine for me…. Thanks a bunch. Keyspan has had solutions for this USB to serial out for years for Mac folks. Please read the post and use the links there to the prolific driver or the opensource driver.

ESP32 - need more RAM?

They might wrok with your particular dongle. Good luck. Thanks for the post, I was faced with a switch which had to have an IP address assigned via the console connection, I have a Mac… Your post got me up and running in no time. You will be guided through the steps necessary to install this software. Imported Uninstall information: PackageMaker does not support uninstall! Hi, thanks for your post. I think this is only one of the few places on the web where we can find something for mac.

I have a question to ask you guys my expertise in the field is very limited : as a preamble, I downloaded the Prolific drivers from their website, but then I re-installed the ones from SOurceforge because I read that they might be better. Then, I have followed the quite sparse instructions on the web to activate the USB-seria connection. So here is my question: how can I verify that my USB-serial cable works? Is there, moreover, a practical way to test it? To be honest I don't have a easy solution for functionality test. I normally use this method to access network switching equipment at work.

This lets me connect to these devices and usually If I get the baudrate right gets me a text menu. Another way is to hook up a cross over serial cable between the mac and a PC running windows and running the screen command from the article above on the OSX side and running hyper terminal on the PC. Then whatever you type on one end should pop up on the screen at the other. Thanks again, Gian Luca. This page is one of my bookmark, as I always have to direct Mac people who claim they cannot use serial consoles on SUN boxes… Hi, I just wanted to say, many thanks for this post, it helped me solve a problem today.

I've used zterm and it works as well.

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Then, Save setup as dfl default and Exit. Always launch minicom , with your selected serial adapter plugged in and available to avoid an error.

Serial Console on OSX - EtherealMind

Open a new window for this change to take effect. Mac Mitel Clocks Contents. Configuration Options. Connected to Port. Command Summary.

Different baud rates set on the getty command and the terminal from to : No output. Using the tty.

Mac OS X - screen won't connect with the correct Baud rate

On another port So, I can get basic communication if the computer is connected to the terminal by way of the AUX port. With settings as follows: getty running under launchd with the above plist Terminal personality set to VT Flow control disabled However, this results in a lot of garbage characters on the terminal screen. With the settings as described above, here's an example of what I mean on the terminal output: You can see some noise once the port is initialized, and then a "clean" login display.

Any ideas? Update 1 I found a way to get a usable terminal session. However, this method still has some drawbacks. I'm still searching for a way to have the terminal Just Work on login.

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Mikey T. I wonder if that could be UTF-8 you're seeing there? Actually if I try just blasting text to it over the device node, I get nothing. I'm guessing it's very particular about the baud rate used. Apr 5 '16 at I added a line as follows: std. Terminal Settings Finally, the terminal itself has to be configured. Clears the screen if the character mode changes F2 to the General screen. Personality set to VT important! Putting it all together We're ready to go.

Some photos: Display glitches You might notice that certain applications still write garbage onto the screen, especially if they do anything fancy like bold text or certain ASCII characters. Sir, you are the unsung hero of all macOS hackers. All joking aside, this writeup is fantastic! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.


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