Mac thunderbolt monitor for pc

Apple Cinema Display Model A Enhance Your Computer with Apple Computer Monitors An Apple computer monitor can be used to provide you with a better experience on your computer.

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How does an Apple monitor connect to the computer? USB 2. Screen size: Screen sizes can vary from 13 inches up to 30 inches and larger. Aspect ratio: Common ratios include , , and Adjustable: Decide whether you want the monitor to adjust in height as well as tilt angle. Bundle: Some monitors will be bundled with other items, including connection cables and stands.

Use Old Mobile Display As Monitor

Top features of Apple monitors An Apple display monitor for sale might include an array of features. Anti-glare: Avoid the glare from overhead lights. Built-in speakers: Enhance the audio coming from the computer. Wall-mountable: Turn your monitor into a TV by being able to mount it to the wall. Flat-screen: Avoid the bulk of a monitor by choosing a slimline version. Benefits of a used Apple monitor When you are shopping eBay, you can find a used Apple monitor.

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  6. Content provided for informational purposes only. Shop by Category. Screen Size see all. Less Than 16 in. Video Inputs see all. HDMI Standard. Mini DisplayPort.

    Apple Thunderbolt Display Review

    HDMI Mini. Features see all. Built-In Speakers.

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    Flat Screen. Security Lock Slot. USB Hub. Wall Mountable. Aspect Ratio see all. Product Line see all. Apple Cinema. Apple Studio Display. You might consider finding a school that has an older vintage of Macs that could make use of one. Some of the docks and adapters have changed or been discontinued since then, but many remain available. And you just need a Thunderbolt 2 to Thunderbolt 3 adapter to plug in a Thunderbolt Display. Not really see proviso below.

    I wish I could provide more technical info on colors, etc. I did notice good blacks previous models have complaints about light bleed in the corners However, putting up a medium-gray field showed "coloration zones" on the monitor. Add to cart. Currently unavailable. This monitor is the ultimate tool for graphics artists, for someone with high computer workload or for someone with impaired vision. I fit the last two categories.

    Thunderbolt Monitors

    The resolution on this monitor is excellent, and the overall design is very classy - a nice addition to a neat office. Installation is seamless. The cable to my Mac has both the power plug and the thunderbolt connector in one cord. One warning to OS X After installation, I had problems waking up the monitor. Had to work with an Apple Tech to reload It still hasn't worked as well - Mac won't come out of hibernation in "clamshell" mode closed.

    I'm sure this doesn't have much if anything to do with the monitor. Recommend waiting until new OS See All Buying Options. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. I bought two of these monitors. This is THE best inch display I've found. Here's why First off, this review will be heavily biased by the fact I was looking for a thunderbolt monitor for my Late 15" retina Macbook Pro mine had the dedicated GPU but don't think that matters. I like Macs but they have their issues certainly and sometimes driving external monitors can be So wanted to stop messing with adapters, odd programs to assist, etc.

    Just wanted it to be plug and play. Aesthetically I think this is a step in the wrong direction from its predecessor, I actually liked the look of the old central "floating fold" stand better. The new stand is like a very open horseshoe with the central pillar in the middle. The bezel and screen are great however. Needed a Thunderbolt 3 Monitor for a new Mac Mini that in the mail!!! I'm an above average user but do not use it for video income Settings out of the box are fine for all my needs. Video is crisp and screen real estate is plentiful. Will eventually fine tune it to my style. Only confusing this was the two thunrdebolt ports were labeled separately 15W and 85W - knowing 85W was for computer charging guessed it would be my output port - did not know they were watt specific I love my new LG monitor.

    This is my second curved monitor. The Dell has the power supply and a couple of small speaker built-in that the LG does not, but the LG is several hundred dollars cheaper and has much better controls for the onscreen menu. A curved 34" monitor will take ea day or two to get used to but once you do you'll never go back to a flat panel. If I had to make the choice right now I'd buy two LGs.