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I had this problem in OS With all the problems I was having in Logic 9 and OS To get this to work, be sure to select an Output.

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So now I have a new problem. The microphone is reading in Logic XPress 8 — but has a 1 second or so delay on output. Does anyone know how to solve this?

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Have you restarted your computer and Logic? In my Logic preferences, after setting up aggregate device as Snowball. Maddie said above that you have to select the Output Device option in the Aggregate Device Editor as well. I figured out what the problem was, I bought a crappy usb microphone. Using Logic 8.

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The above is the correct way to get the Snowball going with Logic. The only change I would make is that when creating the aggregate device, and you wish to use the built in output to monitor, select the Snowball as the clock source and this will eliminate the latency.

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After clicking on the yes I closed Logic and restarted the computer and now Blue Snowball is recognized in Logic and Built-in Audio is used as the output. I would suggest that a person allows up to 5 mins for Logic to scan for the device before giving up.

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  6. Peace, t. ALSO make sure that in the properties for … area for your aggregate device you have output audio channels 1 and 2 linked to your speakers. Open Logic Pro 8. Create a audio track, activate record, press record and create sound via your Blue Ball and you should see audio being recorded. Thanks to the observer who noted that an output had to be added to the aggregate. Which makes sense in a non-intuitive way. Blue is to be heavily faulted for not providing this on the FAQ on their web site. Have you searched the Apple discussion boards for anyone having a similar problem?

    Try repairing permissions, performing maintenance, etc. This worked for me and my snowball. But now when I select the snowball and the built in out put together it only allows one to work. If i select the snowball 1st during the creation of an aggregate device it shows as 2 inputs, but the output stays 0. If i select them the other way round then the input stays at 0 when I select the snowball. Any idea how to fix this? Double-check that. The solution to my problem with getting this to work was to delete my audio files from the library folder and my audio playlist file from there as well.

    Hope that makes sense. Hei thanks graham that worked for me too i fixed the snow ball back to hits thanks again for the good work!

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    I have a Mac OS X Hope you can help me, thank you from Argentina! Hey folks out there, i had a simple problem with getting mine to work. Just because the red light is on doesnt mean that its on and the computer can recognize it. However, No audio is showing up.

    Learn how to check if your microphone is correctly configured, fix the settings if it isn’t.

    I tested a youtube video and its only capturing my MIC thats plugged into my mac. My pc Showing Sound going to HD60s. Not sure how that works. I could really use some help! Narcogen Active Member Oct 24, OBS requires 3rd party software to capture desktop audio.

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