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Good job once again, and keep informing us Novices.

Mac vs PC 2

I have reformatted a Sandisk usb 2. I have a Mac I exported a screenflick movie to it. Afterwards the usb stick is not recognized by the mac. Now what? With the latest High Sierra on mac the ex-fat files system is not recognised on many devices, have had to return to fat 32 to use my memory sticks. Also files sizes over 2gb are also rejected. Tried 4 times, each time it came back Mac OS Extended journaled.

Jessica, Thank you so much for the clarity and helpfulness of this article, your selflessness is an example to us all. What do you recommend for this?

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Thanks for the great article, very useful. I do see one discrepancy. Are there newer variations of the FAT32 format that allow larger files and partition sizes? I never changed to Windows I do have occasion when I look at the flash drives on my computer; are you saying I will not be able to see them on the IPadPro? Infortunatly does not work, I had a exFat formatted drive and then Windows decided that it was a Raw drive…. Table of Contents.

Jessica Carrell. Thanks for the step-by-step. Worked just as you said!

I like these comments, the PC camp is far less of a minorty than I expected. What was the latest as far as Acrobat Pro was concerned?

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I used a PC and nothing else back in the day. I went to school and was taught on a Mac. Now i use a Mac. I still have a desktop PC that i use for browser testing and to play the occasional video game. I obviously need to upgrade which i will. But costs for a Mac are so expensive. Since when did owning a type of computer put you in a class? Then when I started working, it was a PC environment. It was hard getting used to all the shortcuts again and was so used to using expose feature OSX has. But I have to disagree. I can see where you both are coming from.

Before the advent of the web, MacOS attracted quality print design applications when Windows was just learning what GUI meant, and therefore this legacy is one of the most significant reasons why the majority of non-web-designers continue to use MacOS. This was one hard decision for me to vote on! My first introduction with Adobe CS2 was on a brand new Mac with Tiger and growing up as a PC kid i had to put aside all my complaints because i was given such a fantastic graphics traineeship in Newcastle that I was determined to enjoy the mac experience.

And boy oh boy i loved it. The hardest part was trying to figure out how to UN-DO the damage i did with the wrong keyboard shortcuts! Arrowing through menus and opening and closing pages, switching between programs is always quicker for me on Macs becasue of the operating system. But my background in PCs allows me to troubleshoot with alot less stress.

A few more years on Mac and that should be okay too. I am using Mac since 5 years now but recently I had a problem with my MacBook screen and got it replaced. The new one that apparently is used in every new MacBook is just awfully bad. It seems only to display colors and has all kind of other display problems that one can imagine.

The whole 'Mac vs. PC' thing is so over, and 'Android vs. iPhone' is close behind

It is just not possible to work professionally as a designer with equipment as bad as this. Wow, so many responses. I will have to set some time out tonight to read and discuss this further, I never knew it was going to get such a discussion. Thank you everyone for your input. However if I were to get me a new laptop, I should be going for Linux or any open source OS to keep costs low. It really has nothing to do with the tool you are using, despite all the trendy Mac people are thinking.

The real difference is price.

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  • With the money I spare buying a PC instead of a Mac, I can afford way better hardware for my workstation. How can any designer with a sense for the aesthetic work on a beige box? Mariusz Cie? If any problem arises, you are finished. You need to wait atleast weeks before it gets solved and returned back from the service center Since we had only centers in our country. First look at ThemeForest. I suppose it is where you get most experience and for how long you have been using them to how comfortable you feel on them.

    V-Ray CPU Rendering: Apple iMac Pro and Mac Pro vs PC Workstations

    I use PC more and more comfortable on that than Mac. The only thing different that may come from using one or another is the speed of the workflow which is dependant on your understanding of each OS. Interesting stats… and thanks for coming back and replying to Kevin. My stats actually are the reverse however but I am a blog. Yeah that would have been good however a bit more time consuming… maybe we would have not get as many votes?

    I also agree, having skills on both PC and Mac is a huge advantage. Have you seen the Mac vs PC Comic before? Hehe, gotta love that one.

    Desktop or Laptop?

    Windows 7 ahh, I am still yet to move from XP. You can run Windows on a Mac now so you can test ie too. As we have outlined, there are pros and cons for each one and yes expense is one con of a Mac but there are many things to argue. I also have that problem but to a lesser extent.

    When I originally started using Mac I really hated it.